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Midwest - June 2003

Saw three shows - Merrilville IN, Stevens Point WI and Altoona IA, plus the "non-show" at Columbus OH. Here's some pictures from this trip.

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Actually, this shot one is from mid May - Vintage & Custom Drum Show at St Charles, Illinois.

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         Beef-a-Roo, Rockford                   Stevens Point, Wisconsin (I SO wanted that sign - top right!)

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                      All Star Bobblehead, Chicago              Damn Yankee's!

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               Altoonakan!                                      Rick's cool new guitar!(Altoona)

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A familiar looking guitar (Altoona)      Columbus (dry!)                  The sign at Columbus

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Fans at Columbus, with (barefoot) Kelly from Vesica Pisces  (picture courtesy of Dawn Tucci)


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