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Cheap Trick Gigography, 1980-1989

(Please note that all dates are listed in American format i.e month/day/year)
(Last updated - 03 July 2024 - THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to updating this!)


01/02/80	San Diego, CA		Sports Arena			**with Moon Martin**
01/07/80	Reno, NV		Centennial Coliseum
01/08/80	Fresno, CA		Selland Arena
01/??/80	Las Vegas, NV
01/10/80	Nashville, TN
01/18/80	Los Angeles, CA		ABC Studios			**AMA Awards**
01/22/80	Dallas, TX		Reunion Arena			**with Michael Stanley Band**
01/23/80	San Antonio, TX		HemisFair Arena
03/11/80				Don Kirshner's Rock Concert	**with Rick Derringer**
03/19/80	Ft Lauderdale, FL	Sunrise Theatre
03/20/80	Tampa, FL		Jai-Alai Fronton
03/21/80	Atlanta, GA		Fox Theatre
03/23/80	Albany, NY		Palace Theatre
03/24/80	Providence, RI		Providence Performing Arts Centre    
03/25/80	Waterbury, CT		Palace Theater
03/27/80 ?	Mitchellville, MD	Capital Centre
03/27/80	Washington DC		McDonough Arena, Georgetown Campus
03/28/80	Hempstead, NY		Calderone Concert Hall
03/29/80	Passaic, NJ		Capital Theatre
03/31/80	Poughkeepsie, NY	Mid-Hudson Civic Center
04/??/80 ?	Eureka, MO		Six Flags
04/02/80 ?	Nashville, TN		Tennessee Theatre
04/03/80 ?	Memphis, TN		Ellis Auditorium North Hall
04/03/80 ?	Hampton, VA		Hampton Coliseum
04/04/80 	Birmingham, AL		Boutwell Auditorium		(date confirmed by ticket stub)
04/06/80	Houston, TX		Music Hall
04/07/80	Fort Worth, TX		Will Rogers Auditorium
04/08/80	Oklahoma City, OK	The Myriad			**with The Babys**
04/09/80	Norman, OK		Lloyd Noble Center
04/12/80	Lawrence, KS		Allen Fieldhouse
04/13/80	Iowa City, IA		UI Field House
04/15/80	Ames, IA		Hilton Coliseum
04/17/80	Lexington, KY		Rupp Arena			**with The Romantics**
04/18/80	Evansville, IN		Roberts Stadium
04/19/80 	Nashville, TN		Tennessee Theatre
04/20/80	Terre Haute, IN		Indiana State University
04/21/80	Steubenville, OH	St John Arena			**with The Romantics**
04/22/80	Champaign, IL		Univ.of Illinois Assembly Hall  **with The Romantics**
04/24/80	Dayton, OH		Hara Arena
04/25/80 ?	Detroit, MI		Joe Louis Arena
04/25/80 ?	Clarkston, MI		Pine Knob Music Theatre
04/27/80	Madison, WI		Dane County Coliseum
04/29/80	South Bend, IN		Athletics & Convocation Center
05/01/80	Richfield, OH		Coliseum Theatre
05/02/80	Charleston, WV		Civic Center
05/05/80	Boston, MA		Boston Gardens			**with Off Broadway**
05/06/80	Pittsburgh, PA		Stanley Theatre
05/07/80	Buffalo, NY		Memorial Auditorium
05/08/80	Binghampton, NY		Broome County Arena
05/09/80	Syracuse, NY		War Memorial Auditorium
05/12/80	New York, NY		Madison Square Garden     
05/14/80	Augusta, ME		Civic Center			**with Natural Gas**
05/15/80	Glens Falls, NY		Civic Center
05/17/80	Rochester, NY		Rochester Community War Memorial
05/18/80	Wilkes-Barre, PA	Kingston Armory
05/19/80	Springfield, MA		Civic Center			**with Off Broadway**
05/21/80	Norfolk, VA		The Scope
05/23/80 ?	Philadelphia, PA	Spectrum			**with The Greg Kihn Band**
05/24/80 ?	Philadelphia, PA	Spectrum
06/04/80	Pittsburgh, PA		Stanley Theater			**with Off Broadway**
06/05/80	Pittsburgh, PA		Stanley Theater			**with Off Broadway**
06/08/80	Louisville, KY		Fairgrounds Stadium		**cancelled. "Summer Jam", with Molly Hatchet**
06/20/80	New Orleans, LA		Superdome			**with The Eagles, Foreigner**
06/21/80	Dallas, TX		Cotton Bowl			**Texas Jam with The Eagles, Foreigner, April wine, Sammy Hagar, Christopher Cross, Savvy**
07/09/80	Austin, MN		Riverside Arena			**with Yipes!**
07/11/80	Fargo, ND		Red River Valley Fair
07/12/80	Bismarck, ND		Civic Center
07/13/80	Sioux Falls, SD		Arena
07/16/80	Billings, MT		Metrapark Arena
07/17/80	Missoula, MT		University of Montana
07/19/80	Boulder, CO		Folsom Field			**Colorado Sun-Day #1 with REO Speedwagon, Blackfoot, Sammy Hagar, Bill Bruford** 
07/23/80	Boise, ID		Les Bois Park			**with Molly Hatchet**
07/26/80	Los Angeles, CA		Memorial Coliseum 		**"Summer Blowout Festival" with Journey, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, The Babys & Russia
07/27/80	Oakland, CA		Oakland Stadium			**"Day on the Green" with Journey, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, The Babys & Russia**
07/30/80	Calgary, AL, Canada	Stampede Corral			**with Loverboy, Bryan Adams**
07/31/80	Regina, SK, Canada	Agridome Star Theatre
08/02/80	Victoria, BC, Canada	Memorial Arena			**with Loverboy**
08/03/80	Vancouver, BC, Canada	Pacific Coliseum		**with Loverboy**
08/05/80	Edmonton, AB, Canada	Coliseum			**cancelled due to illness. with Loverboy**
08/07/80	Winnipeg, MB, Canada	Winnipeg Arena			**with Loverboy, Pete Comita's first show**
08/09/80	Toronto, ON, Canada	Maple Leaf Gardens
08/10/80 ?	London, ON, Canada		
08/11/80	Montreal, QB Canada	Forum   			**with Teaze**
08/16/80	Yokohama, Japan		Yokohama Stadium		**Japan Jam II**
08/17/80	Yokohama, Japan		Yokohama Stadium		**Japan Jam II**
08/19/80	Kobe, Japan		Rokkousan Skiing Grounds	**Japan Jam II**
09/xx/80	Amsterdam, Holland	Last Waterhole
09/27/80	Lido, Veneto, Italy	Teatro la Perla
10/01/80 ?	Offenbach, Germany	Stadhalle			**cancelled**
10/02/80 ?	Sindelfingen, Germany	Ausstellingshalle		**cancelled**
10/03/80 ?	Neunkirchen, Germany	Hemmerleinhalle			**cancelled**
10/05/80 ?	Hamburg, Germany	Andi Max			**cancelled**
10/06/80 ?	Cologne, Germany	Stadhalle			**cancelled**
10/07/80 ?	Karlsruhre, Germany	Schwarzwaldhalle		**cancelled**
10/10/80	Chandler, AZ		Compton Terrace			**cancelled. Benefit for Presidential candidate John Anderson**
10/21/80 	Madison, WI		Headliners			**secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"**
10/22/80 	Milwaukee, WI		Palms				**secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"**
10/23/80	Wheeling, IL		Haymakers			**secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"**
11/03/80 ?	Offenbach, Germany	Stadthalle
11/04/80	Birmingham, England	Odeon				**with Angel City**     
11/05/80	London, England		Hammersmith Odeon		**with Angel City, joined onstage by Alex Harvey**       
11/08/80 	Paris, France		Hippodrome			**with Angel City**
11/09/80 ?	Lyon, France		Palais D'hiver			**with Angel City**
11/10/80 ?	Nice, France		Theatre de Verdure		**with Angel City**
11/14/80 	Lisbon, Portugal	Pavilhao de Alvalade		**with Aqui del Rock**
11/15/80	Oporto, Portugal	Pavilhao Infante de Sagres
12/04/80	St Louis, MO		Checkerdome			**with The Babys, Off Broadway**
12/05/80	Kansas City, MO		Municipal Auditorium		**with New England**      
12/07/80	St Paul, MN		Civic Centre
12/10/80	Saskatoon, SK, Canada	Arena
12/11/80	Edmonton, AB, Canada	Northlands Coliseum		**with Michael Schenker Group**
12/14/80	Spokane, WA		Coliseum			**with Michael Schenker Group**
12/16/80	Portland,OR		Paramount Theatre		**with Michael Schenker Group**      
12/17/80	Seattle, WA 		Seattle Center Coliseum		**with Michael Schenker Group**
12/19/80	Medford, OR		Jackson County Expo Center
12/20/80	Sacramento, CA		Memorial Auditorium		**with MSG? But MSG did not play**
12/21/80	Oakland, CA		Oakland Auditorium Arena	**with Michael Schenker Group**
12/27/80	Fresno, CA		Selland Arena			**with MSG (who were a no-show), The Tremblers**
12/28/80	San Bernardino, CA	Swing Auditorium		**with The Tremblers**
12/30/80	Inglewood, CA		Forum				**with The Tremblers**
12/31/80	San Diego, CA		Sports Arena			**with The Tremblers**


xx/xx/81 ??	Athens, Greece
01/02/81	Salt Lake City, UT	Salt Palace
01/04/81	Denver, CA		McNicholls Sports Aarena
01/05/81	Lincoln, NE		Pershing Auditorium
01/07/81	Memphis, TN		Mid-South Coliseum		**with ZZ Top**
01/08/81	Atlanta, GA		Fox Theatre			**Note: Tickets read Omni Coliseum, show was moved after tickets were released**	
01/09/81	Charlotte, NC		Coliseum
01/10/81	Nashville, TN		Municipal Auditorium
01/12/81	Birmingham, AL		Boutwell Auditorium
01/14/81	Biloxi, MS		Mississippi Coast Coliseum
01/15/81	Tulsa, OK		Fairgrounds Pavilion
01/16/81	St. Joseph, MO		Civic Arena
01/17/81	New York, NY		Saturday Night Live
01/18/81	Norman, OK		Lloyd Noble Centre		**with Michael Stanley Band**
01/20/81	Lubbock, TX		Municipal Coliseum		**with Michael Stanley Band**
01/22/81	Dallas, TX		Reunion Arena			**with .38 Special**
01/23/81	San Antonio, TX		Convention Center Arena		**with Michael Stanley Band**
01/24/81	Houston, TX		Sam Houston Coliseum
01/27/81	Shreveport, LA		Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
01/30/81 	Chicago, IL		Granada Theatre			**with Off Broadway**
01/31/81 	Chicago, IL		Granada Theatre			**with Off Broadway**
02/01/81 	Chicago, IL		Granada Theatre			**with Off Broadway**  
02/04/81	Rockford, IL		Metro Center
02/05/81	Rockford, IL		Metro Center    
02/06/81	Springfield, IL		Prairie Capitol Convention Center  **with UFO**
02/07/81	Columbus, OH		Veterans Memorial		**with UFO**
02/08/81 ?	Columbus, OH		Veterans Memorial
02/10/81	Kalamazoo, MI		Wings stadium			**with UFO**
02/12/81	Milwaukee, WI		Arena				**with UFO**
02/13/81	Detroit, MI		Cobo Hall			**with UFO**
02/15/81	Richfield, OH		Richfield Coliseum		**with UFO**
02/16/81	Pittsburgh, PA		Civic Center Arena		**with UFO**
02/17/81	Rochester, NY		War Memorial			**with UFO**
02/18/81 ?	Kalamazoo, MI
02/19/81	Binghamton, NY		Broome County Arena		**with UFO**
02/20/81	Buffalo, NY		Shea's Buffalo Theatre		**with UFO**
02/21/81	Philadelphia, PA	Spectrum			**with UFO**
02/22/81	Utica, NY		Memorial Auditorium
02/23/81 ?	New Brunswick, NJ	Rutgers University		**with UFO**
02/24/81	Providence, RI		Civic Center			**with UFO**
02/26/81	Baltimore, MD		Arena				**with UFO**   
02/26/81 ?	Springfield, MA		Civic Center
02/27/81	New York, NY		Radio City Music Hall  		**with UFO**  
02/28/81	Boston, MA 		Boston Gardens			**with UFO**
03/02/81	Bethlehem, PA		Stabler Arena			**with UFO**
03/03/81	Baltimore, MD		Civic Center
03/04/81	Westchester, NY		Westchester Premiere Theater	**with UFO**
03/05/81 ?	New Brunswick, NJ	Rutgers Athletic Center		**with UFO**
03/07/81 	New Haven, CT		New Haven Coliseum		**with UFO**
03/08/81	Troy, NY		RPI Fieldhouse
03/10/81	Saginaw, MI
03/13/81	Wichita, KS		Kansas Coliseum			**rescheduled from 01/17/81**
03/14/81	Columbia, MO		Stephens Assembly Hall
03/15/81	Davenport, IA		Palmer Auditorium
03/17/81	Marquette, MI		Hedgecock Fieldhouse
03/18/81	LaCrosse, WI
03/19/81	Dubuque, IA						**with Fast Fontaine**
03/20/81	St. Joseph, MO		Civic Center			**rescheduled from 01/16/81**
03/26/81	Indianapolis, IN	Market Square Arena
03/27/81	Fort Wayne, IN		Memorial Coliseum
03/28/81	Lansing, MI		Civic Center
03/29/81	Louisville, KY		Louisville Gardens
03/31/81	Dayton, OH		O'Hara Arena			**with .38 Special**
04/03/81 ?	Hampton, VA		Hampton Coliseum
04/04/81	Greenville, NC		Minges Coliseum			**with UFO**
04/08/91	Knoxville, TN		Civic Coliseum
04/10/81	Johnson City, TN	Freedom Hall Civic Center	**with UFO**
04/12/81	Roanoke, VA
04/18/81	Orlando, FL		Tangerine Bowl			**with Heart, BOC, Firefall & UFO**
04/20/81	Sunrise, FL		Sunrise Musical Theater
04/21/81	West Palm Beach, FL	Auditorium
04/24/81	San Juan, Puerto Rico	Estadio Hiram Bithorn
04/28/81	York, PA		Fairgrounds Memorial Hall
04/30/81	Port Huron, MI		McMorran Arena
05/01/81	Hammond, IN		Civic Centre			**with Off Broadway**
05/02/81	Charleston, IL		Lantz Gym
05/04/81	Ann Arbor, MI		Hill Auditorium
06/04/81 ?	Memphis, TN		Mid-South Fairgrounds		**Carnival Musicfest**
07/04/81 	Honolulu, HI		Neal Blaisdell Center Arena
07/05/81 	Honolulu, HI		Neal Blaisdell Center Arena
07/11/81	Charlevoix, MI		Castle Farms			**with Billy Squier**
07/13/81	Biloxi, MS		Gulf Coast Coliseum		**with Michael Stanley Band**
08/05/81	Chicago, IL		Navy Pier			**Chicagofest, with Cold Chisel**  
08/15/81	Mobile, AL		Ladd Memorial Stadium		**Alabama Jam 2, with Charlie Daniels, Allman Brothers, Leon Russell, Jimmy Hall, Billy Ryan**
10/02/81	Hartford, CT		Stage West
10/03/81	Hartford, CT		Stage West
10/06/81	Ann Arbor, MI		Second Chance
10/21/81	Aberdeen, NJ		Fountain Casino
10/22/81	Hull or Boston, MA	Uncle Sam's			**with Take Me**
10/23/81	Hartford, CT		Stage West
10/25/81	Ann Arbor, MI		Second Chance			**billed as "The Randy Men**
10/31/81	Phoenix, AZ		Arizona State Fair
11/02/81	Bakersfield, CA		Civic Auditorium		**with Kix**
11/03/81	Stockton, CA		Auditorium			**with 415**


??/??/82 ?	Rochester, MI		Meadowbrook     
02/26/82	De Kalb, IL		NIU				**Jon Brant's first show**
02/28/82	Sanville, IL		Civic Center
03/01/82	Pittsburgh, PA		Carnegie Mellon Gym
03/03/82	East Lansing, MI	MSU Auditorium
03/05/82	Muskegon, MI		Galaxy Arena			
03/06/82	Decatur, IL		Civic Center
03/07/82	Macomb, IL		Western Hall
03/08/82	Indianola, IA		Simpson College Gymnasium
04/03/82	Joplin, MO		Memorial Hall
04/04/82	Springfield, MO		McDonald Arena
04/24/82	Burlington, IA		Memorial Auditorium
04/25/82 ?	El Paso, TX		County Coliseum
04/26/82	Quincy, IL		College Gymnasium
05/01/82 	Ruston, LA		Thomas Assembly Centre at Louisiana Tech 
05/08/82 	San Diego, CA		Jack Murphy Stadium		**KGB-FM Skyshow VII" w/ Chuck Berry, Joan Jett, Susan Lynch, Blitz Bros**
05/09/82	San Luis Obispo, CA	Mott Gym, Cal Poly State University
05/29/82	Nashville, TN		Municipal Auditorium
06/04/82	Spokane, WA		Coliseum			**with Saxon**
06/06/82	Portland, OR		Paramount			**with Saxon**
06/07/82	Portland, OR		Paramount			**with Saxon**
06/08/82	Seattle, WA		Paramount			**with Aldo Nova & Saxon**
06/09/82	Seattle, WA		Paramount			**with Aldo Nova & Saxon**
06/11/82	Yakima, WA		Speedway			**with Saxon**
06/13/82	Rapid City, SD		Rushmore Plaza Civic Center	**with Saxon**
06/14/82 ?	Rapid City, IA
06/14/82	Bismarck, ND		Civic Center			**with Saxon**
06/15/82 ?	Bismarck, ND
06/16/82	Fargo, ND		Civic Center			**with Saxon**
06/18/82	Wausau, WI		State Park Speedway		**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/19/82	Duluth, MN		Arena				**with Krokus**
06/20/82	Bloomington, MN		Met Centre			**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/22/82	LaCrosse, WI
06/23/82	Dubuque, IA		Five Flags Centre		**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/25/82	Omaha, NE		Arena				**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/26/82	Kansas City, MO		Memorial Hall			**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/27/82	St Louis, MO		Kiel Auditorium			**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/29/82	Nashville, TN		Municipal Auditorium		**with Krokus & Saxon**
06/30/82	Lexington, KY		Rupp Arena			**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/02/82	Saginaw, MI		Wendler Arena			**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/03/82	East Troy, WI		Alpine Valley			**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/04/82 ?	Erie, PA		Erie County Fieldhouse
07/05/82	Columbus, OH		Vets Memorial			**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/06/82 ?	New York, NY		(not known)
07/06/82	Cuyahoga Falls, OH	Blossom Music Center		**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/07/82 ?	Dayton, OH		Hara Arena			**with Krokus & Saxon**
07/07/82	Peoria, IL		Exposition Gardens Grandstand
07/09/82	Indianapolis, IN	Market Square Arena		**with Aldo Nova**
07/10/82	Ft Wayne, IN		Coliseum			**with Aldo Nova & Saxon**
07/11/82	Kalamazoo, MI		Wings Stadium			**with Saxon**
07/12/82	Rochester, MI		Meadowbrook			**with Saxon**
07/14/82	Memphis, TN		Mud Island Amphitheater		**with Saxon**
07/16/82	Tulsa, OK		Assembley Centre		**with Aldo Nova & Saxon**
07/17/82 ?	Norman OK		LLoyd Noble Arena		**with Saxon**
07/17/82 ?	East Troy, WI		Alpine Valley 
07/18/82	Lubbock, TX		Lubbock Coliseum		**with Aldo Nova & Saxon**
07/20/82	El Paso, TX		Civic Center Plaza		**with Saxon**
07/21/82	Odessa, TX		Ector Coliseum			**with Saxon**
07/23/82	Dallas, TX		Reunion Arena			**with Saxon**
07/24/82 ?	San Antonio, TX		Convention Centre Arena		**with Aldo Nova & Axe**
07/24/82 ?	San Antonio, TX		Convention Centre Arena		**with Billy Squier**
07/25/82	Austin. TX		Erwin Special Events Center	**Aldo Nova & Axe**
07/27/82	Corpus Christi, TX	Memorial Coliseum		**with Aldo Nova**
07/28/82	Houston, TX		Texas Tapes'n'Records		**Album signing**
07/28/82	Houston, TX		Sam Houston Coliseum		**with Aldo Nova & Axe**
07/30/82	Alexandria, LA		Rapid Parish Coliseum		**with Aldo Nova & Axe**
07/31/82	Baton Rouge, LA		LSU Assembly Center		**with Aldo Nova & Axe**  
08/01/82	Biloxi, MS		Gulf Coast Coliseum		**with Aldo Nova & Axe**
08/05/82	Sunrise, FL		Sunrise Musical Theatre
08/06/82	Lakeland, FL		Civic Centre			**with Axe**
08/07/82 ?	Jacksonville, FL	Coliseum
08/07/82 ?	Gainseville, FL		O'Connell Center
08/08/82 ?	Atlanta, GA		Fox Theatre   			**with Axe**
08/10/82 ?	Ft Pierce, FL
08/10/82	Shreveport, LA		Municipal Auditorium		**with Axe**
08/??/82 	Birmingham, AL		Boutwell Auditorium
08/12/82	Chicago, IL		Navy Pier			**Chicagofest, with U.S.S.A** 
08/13/82	Seymour, WI		Outagamie County Fairgrounds	**with Axe**
08/13/82 ?	Richmond, VA		County Civic Center
08/14/82 ?	Augusta, GA		Fox Theatre
08/15/82 ?	Macon, GA		Coliseum
08/15/82	Paducah, KY		Paducah Riverfront		**with Axe**
08/17/82	Columbus, GA		Civic Center
08/19/82	Knoxville, TN		Civic Coliseum			**with Joan Jett**
08/20/82	Johnson City, TN	Freedom Hall
08/21/82	Charlotte, NC		Coliseum
08/22/82	Greensboro, NC		Coliseum
08/24/82	Fitchburg, MA		Wallace Civic Center
08/25/82 ?	Toronto, ONT, Canada	CNE Grandstand			**with Ted Nugent**
08/26/82	New York, NY		Pier 84
08/27/82	New York, NY		The Ritz			**joined onstage by Steven Tyler**
08/28/82	Saratoga, NY		Performing Arts Center
08/29/82	Syracuse, NY		State Fairgrounds
08/30/82	Columbia, MD		Merriweather Post Pavilion
09/02/82	Philadelphia, PA	Philadelphia Zoo
09/04/82 	Toronto, ONT, Canada	CNE Grandstand			**with Ted Nugent, Coney Hatch**
09/10/82	Bethlehem, PA		Stabler Arena
09/11/82	Pittsburgh, PA		Civic Center Arena		**with Kansas**
09/16/82	Eugene, OR		Lane County Fairgrounds		**cancelled, with Rainbow** 
09/17/82	Seattle, WA		Center Arena			**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/19/82	Eugene, OR		Lane County Fairgrounds		**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/20/82	Salem, OR		Armory				**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/24/82	Fresno, CA		Selland Arena			**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/25/82	San Diego, CA		Sports Arena			**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/26/82	Phoenix, AZ		Compton Terrace			**cancelled, with Rainbow** 
09/28/82	San Francisco, CA	Civic Auditorium		**cancelled, with Rainbow, Coney Hatch** 
09/29/82	Los Angeles, CA		The Forum			**cancelled, with Rainbow** 
10/04/82	South Bend, IN		Morris Civic Auditorium
10/06/82	Topeka, KS		Municipal Auditorium, Washburn University
10/08/82	Maryville, MO		Lampkin Gym
10/09/82	Bemidji, MN		John S Glas Fieldhouse
10/10/82	Winona, MN		New Memorial Hall
10/12/82 ?	Chicago, IL		Park West			**with The Elvis Brothers**
10/13/82	Chicago, IL		Park West			**with The Elvis Brothers**
10/14/82	Chicago, IL		Park West			**with The Elvis Brothers**
10/16/82	Roanoke, VA		Civic Centre Coliseum		**with Heart**
10/17/82	Hampton, VA		Hampton Coliseum		**with Heart**
10/19/82	Atlanta, GA		Georgia State Gymnasium		**with Uriah Heep**
10/21/82	New Orleans, LA		Saenger Perf Arts Centre
10/22/82	Montgomery, AL		Civic Center
10/23/82	Nacogdoches, TX		Stephen F Austin University Coliseum **with Uriah Heep**
10/27/82	Dallas, TX		Agora Ballroom
10/28/82	Cleveland, MS		Walter Sillers Coliseum
10/31/82	Houston, TX		Rockerfellers
11/??/82 ?	Hattiesburg, MS		USM Coliseum
11/04/82	College Station, TX	G. Rollie White Coliseum
11/07/82	Huntsville, AL 		Spragins Hall
11/11/82	Poughkeepsie, NY	The Chance
11/12/82	Lowell, MA		Mr C's Rock Palace		**with The Meetings**
11/13/82 ?	Louisville, KY		Louisville Palace
11/14/82	Boston, MA		Orpheum Theater     
11/15/82	Bangor, ME		Auditorium			**with The Ramones**
11/17/82	Rochester, NY		Auditorium Theater
11/19/82	Mt Pleasant, MI		Rose Arena			**with The Look**
11/21/82	Evansville, IN		Coliseum
11/22/82	Peoria, IL		Civic Center			**with Elvis Brothers, Rory Gallagher**
11/22/82	Mobile, AL		Municipal Auditorium		**cancelled**
11/27/82	Berkeley, CA		Community Theatre		**with Novo Combo**
11/29/82	Chico, CA		Chico State University
11/30/82	Santa Barbara, CA	Arlington Theatre
12/01/82	Santa Cruz, CA		Civic Auditorium
12/02/82	Stockton, CA		Fox Theatre			**with The Producers**
12/04/82	Reno, NV		Convention Center
12/06/82 	Hollywood, CA		Hollywood Palladium
12/07/82	San Diego, CA		Fox Theatre
12/08/82	Phoenix, AZ		Graham Central Station
12/11/82 ?	Albuquerque, NM		Graham Central Station
12/11/82	Portales, NM		Greyhound Arena Eastern NM State
12/27/82	St Petersburg, FL	Bayfront Center			**with .38 Special**
12/30/82	Little Rock, AR		Barton Coliseum			**with .38 Special**
12/31/82 ?	Memphis, TN		Mid-South Coliseum		**with .38 Special, Keith Sykes**
12/31/82 ?	Rockford, IL		Metro Center


01/26/83	Cannes, France		Palais des Festivales		**MIDEM Industry Trade Fair Gala**
04/07/83	Denver, CO
05/01/83	Ruston, LA		Thomas Assembly Center
05/05/83	Fort Worth, TX		Billy Bob's
05/22/83	Denver, CO		Rainbow Music Hall
05/28/83	Memphis, TN		Mid-South Fairgrounds		**Cotton Carnival Musicfest**
07/31/83	Vancouver, BC, Canada	Empire Stadium			**with Streetheart, Harlequin**
08/02/83	Ionia, MI		Ionia Free Fair
08/13/83	Bridgeport, MI		Bridgeport HS Football Field	**with ZZ Top, Zebra**
08/14/83	Epping, NH		New England Dragway		**with Krokus, Blackfoot, Joe Perry Project**
08/21/83	Chicago, IL		Soldier Field			**Chicagofest, with Steve Dahl and Teenage Radiation**
08/22/83	Indianapolis, IN	Indiana State Fairgrounds	**with The Elvis Brothers**
09/04/83	Columbia, TN		Bam Webster Farm		**Electric Cowboy Pop Festival**
09/10/83	York, PA		Great York Fair
09/26/83	Montevallo, AL		University of Montevallo
09/30/83	Mansfield, PA		Mansfield Uni, Decker Gym
10/02/83	Wilkes Barre, PA	Pocono Downs			**"Pocono Jam" with Joan Jett, Foghat, Joe Perry Project**
10/??/83	Boone, NC		Appalachian State Uni Varsity Gym
10/06/83	Valdosta, GA		Valdosta State College, PE Complex  **with The elvis Brothers**
10/08/83	Arlington, TX		Six Flags Over Texas
10/14/83	Tulsa, OK		Old Lady Brady
10/16/83	Essen, Germany		Rockpalast
10/19/83	College Station, TX	G. Rollie White Coliseum	**with Zebra**
10/20/83	Corpus Christi, TX	Memorial Coliseum		**with Zebra**
10/25/83 ?	San Antonio, TX		Hemisfair Arena
10/25/83 	El Paso, TX		County Coliseum			**with Zebra**
10/26/83	Odessa, TX		Ector County Coliseum		**with Zebra**
10/27/83 	Lubbock, TX		Lubbock Coliseum		**with Zebra**
10/28/83	Amarillo, TX		Civic Center Arena		**with Zebra**		
10/??/83 ?	San Antonio, TX		Convention Center Arena		**with Zebra**
10/30/83	Albuquerque, NM		Civic Auditorium		**with Zebra**
11/01/83	Flagstaff, AZ		Chuggers
11/02/83	Tucson, AZ		Convention Center		**with Zebra**
11/04/83	Berkeley, CA		Community Theatre		**with Zebra**    
11/05/83	Los Angeles, CA		Universal Amphitheater		**with Zebra**
11/06/83	San Diego, CA		Fox Theater			**with Zebra**
11/09/83	Denver, CO		Rainbow Music Hall
11/11/83	Norman, OK		Lloyd Noble Center
11/12/83	Russelville, AR		Arkansas Tech. University
11/16/83	Cedar Rapids, IA	Five Seasons Center		**with Blue Oyster Cult**
11/17/83	Sioux City, IA		Sioux City Auditorium		**with Blue Oyster Cult**
11/18/83	Lincoln, NE		Pershing Center
11/19/83	Kansas City, MO		Memorial Hall
11/20/83	St Louis, MO		Kiel Auditorium
11/22/83 ?	Madison, WI		Dane County Coliseum		**cancelled??**
11/23/83	Minneapolis, MN		Orpheum Theatre			**with Aldo Nova**
11/25/83	Chicago, IL		Aragon Ballroom
11/26/83	Detroit, MI		Cobo Arena
11/27/83	Muskegan, MI		Walker Arena			**with Aldo Nova, Danny Spanos**
11/28/83	Lansing, MI		Civic Center
11/30/83	Springfield, IL		Prairie Capital Conv Center	**with Aldo Nova**
12/03/83	Boca Raton, FL		Florida Atlantic University
12/04/83	Tampa, FL		Jai-Alai, Fronton
12/05/83	Boca Raton, FL		FAU Auditorium
12/06/83	Gainseville, FL		Islands
12/07/83	Stone Mountain, GA	Harlows
12/09/83	Goldsboro, NC		Islands
12/10/83	Norfolk, VA		The Scope
12/29/83	Baton Rouge, LA		2001


01/01/84	Ft Worth, TX		Roxy
01-03/84 ?	various worldwide	USO Tour			incl Okinawa, Phillipines, Hawaii, Diego Garcia
03/26/84 ?	Oahu, HI		Aloha Stadium			**with Heart, REO Speedwagon**
03/27/84 ?	Irvine, CA		(not known)
04/06/84	Fort DeRussy, HI					**USO tour**
04/27/84	New Haven, CT		The Twilight Zone
04/29/84	Amherst, MA		University of Mass.
05/01/84	Scotia, NY		Radio City		
05/03/84	Poughkeepsie, NY	The Chance
05/04/84	Boston, MA		MIT Spring Concert		**with Til' Tuesday**
05/05/84	Cortland, NY		Little York Park		**with The Ramones and David Johannsen**
05/06/84	Baltimore, MD		Coast To Coast
05/11/84	St Louis, MO		Six Flags Old Glory Auditorium
05/12/84	Nashville, TN		Opryland Festival Grounds
05/17/84	Hollywood, CA		Palace        
05/18/84	Anaheim, CA		Disneyland			**Grad Nite '84**
05/19/84	Santa Clarita, CA	Magic Mountain Showcase Theater
05/20/84	San Francisco, CA 	The Stone    
05/26/84	San Francisco, CA	Wolfgang's
05/27/84	Olathe, CO		Black Canyon Music Festival	**with Ozark Mountain Daredevils**
05/28/84 	Denver, CO		Rainbow Music Hall
05/29/84	Palo Alto, CA    	The Key Stone
05/30/84 ?	Nashville, TN		Opryland			**postponed from 5/11/84**
05/31/84 ?	New Orleans, LA		World's Fair			(date in late May/early June)
06/01/84	Arlington, TX		Six Flags Over Texas
06/02/84	Houston, TX		Astroworld
06/22/84 ?	Atlanta, GA		Six Flags over Georgia		(date may have been 7/26/84, unconfirmed)
06/24/84	Nantucket, MA		n/k
07/07/84	Mecosta, MI		Star Theatre			**with .38 Special, The Ravyns**
07/08/84	Charlevoix, MI		Castle Farms			**with .38 Special**
07/14/84	Kingston, NH		Fairgrounds			**with Lita Ford, Ratt & Twisted Sister**
07/20/84	Minot, ND		North Dakota State Fair
07/27/84	Jackson, NJ		Great Adventure       
08/02/84	West Allis, WI		Wisconsin State Fair
08/04/84	Seymour, WI		Outagamie County Fairgrounds	**with Stray Cats**
08/19/84	Columbus, OH		Ohio State Fair
08/26/84	Rockford, IL		Lyan Park
09/15/84	Anaheim, CA		Disneyland, River stage		**2 sets**
09/17/84	San Diego, CA		Stroop Field			**NOT a Cheap Trick show, but Rick, Robin and Bun, with others performing to "entertain the military"**
09/24/84	Houston, TX		Cardi's
10/06/84	Hays, KS		Gross Memorial Coliseum		**with Rail**
10/07/84	Kearny, NE		Cushing Coliseum
10/26/84	Marietta, GA		Strand Theatre			**with Thief**
10/27/84	Orlando, FL		Disney World			**with SOS Band, Shannon, New Edition, KC & the Sunshine Band**
10/28/84	Sunrise, FL		Sunrise Musical Theatre
12/27/84	El Paso. TX		Big Apple
12/29/84	Lawton, OK		Great Plains Coliseum ?
12/30/84	Fort Worth, TX		Rox-Z		


??/??/85	Detroit, MI		WLIR Block Party
01/03/85	Victoria, TX		No Whar But Texas
02/01/85	Palmetto, FL		Manatee Civic Center
02/03/85	Daytona Beach, FL	Brassy's
02/05/85	Gainesville, FL		Dubs
03/15/85	South Padre Island, TX	Isla Blanca Park		**with Molly Hatchet**
04/06/85	Boblingen, Germany	Panzer Kaserne Gym		**USO tour with Steve Walsh, Stephen Stills**
04/19/85	Boise, ID		Boise State Pavilion		**with REO Speedwagon**
04/20/85	Pocatello, ID		Mini Dome			**with REO Speedwagon**
04/21/85	Salt Lake City, UT	Salt Palace			**with REO Speedwagon**
04/23/85	Billings, MT		Metrapark Arena			**with REO Speedwagon**
04/24/85	Rapid City, SD		Rushmore Plaza Civic Centre	**with REO Speedwagon**
04/27/85	Kansas City, MO		Kemper Arena			**with REO Speedwagon**
04/30/85	Richmond, VA		Coliseum			**with REO Speedwagon**
05/??/85 ?	Toledo, OH		Student Union
05/03/85	Atlanta, GA		Six Flags Over Georgia
05/10/85	Toledo, OH		Student Union
05/15/85	Cedar Rapids, IA	Five Seasons Center		**with REO Speedwagon**
05/16/85	Madison, WI		Dane County Coliseum		**with REO Speedwagon**
05/17/85	Danville, KY		Norton Center for the Arts	**with REO Speedwagon**
05/18/85	Cincinatti, OH		Riverfront Coliseum		**with REO Speedwagon**					
05/19/85	Columbus, OH		Battelle Hall			**with REO Speedwagon**
05/21/85 	Cuyahoga Falls, OH	Blossom Music Center		**with REO Speedwagon**
05/22/85 	Cincinnati, OH		Riverfront Coliseum		**with REO Speedwagon**
05/30/85	Hampton, VA		Coliseum
06/14/85	Saratoga Springs, NY	Performing Arts Center		**with REO Speedwagon**
06/15/85	Buffalo, NY		Memorial Auditorium		**with REO Speedwagon**
06/16/85	Erie, PA		Liberty Park Amphitheatre	**with REO Speedwagon**
06/18/85	New Haven, CT		New Haven Coliseum		**with REO Speedwagon**
06/21/85	Kansas City, MO		Worlds of Fun
06/22/85	Philadelphia, PA	Mann Music Center		**with REO Speedwagon**
06/23/85	Columbia, MD		Merriweather Post Pavilion	**with REO Speedwagon**
06/25/85 ?	Springfield, MA		Springfield Civic Center
06/25/85 ?	Hartford, CT		Civic Centre
06/26/85	Uniondale, NY		Nassau Coliseum
06/28/85	Norfolk, VA		The Scope			**with REO Speedwagon**
06/29/85	Roanoke, VA		Civic Center			**with REO Speedwagon**
06/30/85	Richmond, VA		Coliseum			**with REO Speedwagon**
07/01/85	Del Mar, CA		Del Mar Fair
07/02/85	Augusta, GA		Richmond County Civic Center	**with REO Speedwagon**
07/03/85	Columbia, SC		Carolina Coliseum		**with REO Speedwagon**
07/05/85	Birmingham, AL		Civic Centre			**with REO Speedwagon**
07/06/85	Johnson City, TN	Freedom Hall Civic Centre	**with REO Speedwagon**
07/09/85	Charlevoix, MI		Castle Farms			**with REO Speedwagon**
07/10/85	Clarkston, MI		Pine Knob
07/11/85	Clarkston, MI		Pine Knob
07/13/85	Milwaukee, WI		Summerfest main stage		**with REO Speedwagon**
07/14/85	Hoffman Estates, IL	Poplar Creek			**with REO Speedwagon**
07/16/85	St Paul, MN		Harriet Island
07/20/85	Peoria, IL		Heart of Illinois Fair
07/26/85	Baton Rouge, LA		Tiger Stadium			**National Sports Festival**
08/02/85	Charlotte, NC		Kidnappers
08/04/85	Benson, NC		Scott Lake			**Noon to Moon Jam**
08/09/85	Jackson, MI		Jackson County Fairgrounds	**with John Waite**
08/16/85	Ottawa, ON, Canada	Central Canadian Exh Grandstand	**with REO Speedwagon**
08/18/85	Toronto, ON Canada	CNE Grandstand			**with REO Speedwagon**
08/21/85	Savannah, GA		Civic Centre			**with REO Speedwagon**
08/22/85	Tampa, FL		Orange County Civic Centre	**with REO Speedwagon**
08/23/85	Hollywood, FL		Six Flags Atlantis
08/24/85	Talahassee, FL		Leon County Civic Centre	**with REO Speedwagon**
08/25/85	Pensacola, FL		Civic Centre			**with REO Speedwagon**
08/27/85	Jackson, MS		Coliseum			**with REO Speedwagon**
08/28/85	Little Rock, AR		Barton Coliseum			**with REO Speedwagon**
08/29/85	Houston, TX		Southern star Amphitheatre	**with REO Speedwagon**
08/31/85	Wichita, KS		Kansas Coliseum			**with REO Speedwagon**
09/02/85	Morrison, CO		Red Rocks			**with REO Speedwagon**
09/04/85	Portland, ME		Cumberland Civic Center		**with Heart**
09/05/85	Boston, MA		Boston Common			**with Heart**
09/06/85	Holmdel, NJ		Garden State Arts Center	**with Heart**
09/08/85	Cuyahoga Falls, OH	Blossom Music Center		**with Heart**
09/10/85	Troy, NY		RPI Fieldhouse			**with Heart**
09/12/85 ? 	Pittsburgh, PA		Pittsburgh Civic Center		**with Heart**
09/13/85	Syracuse, NY		NY War Memorial			**with Heart**
09/20/85	Hoffman Estates, IL	Poplar Creek			**Free Show, with Simon F**
09/21/85	Fresno, CA		Selland Arena			**with Night Ranger**
09/22/85	Honolulu, HI		Aloha Stadium			**with Aerosmith & REO Speedwagon**
09/25/85	Irvine, CA		Irvine Meadows			**with Night Ranger**
09/28/85	Las Vegas, NV		Convention Centre		**with Night Ranger**
09/29/85	Pomona, CA		Pomona Valley Auditorium	**with Night Ranger**
09 or 10/??/85	Fresno, CA		Selland Arena			**with Night Ranger**
10/01/85	Yakima, WA		Central Washington State Fair
10/05/85	Odessa, TX		Ector County Coliseum		**with Night Ranger**
10/07/85	Lubbock, TX		Lubbock Coliseum		**with Night Ranger**
10/11/85	College Station, TX	G. Rollie White Coliseum	**with Night Ranger**
10/12/85	Shreveport, LA		Hirsch Coliseum			**with Night Ranger**
10/13/85	Biloxi, MS		Mississippi Coast Coliseum	**with Night Ranger**
10/15/85 	DeKalb, IL		Evans Fieldhouse, NIU		**with John Waite**
10/16/85 	Louisville, KY		Louisville Gardens		**with John Waite**
10/17/85	Indianapolis, IN	Market Square Arena		**with John Waite**
10/19/85	Green Bay, WI		Brown Co. Veterans Mem. Arena	**with John Waite**
10/22/85	Danville, IL		Civic Center			**with John Waite**
10/24/85	Bowling Green, OH	Anderson Arena			**with John Waite**
10/25/85	Columbus, OH		Veterans Memorial		**with John Waite**
10/26/85	Mansfield, PA		Decker Gym			**with John Waite**
10/27/85	Waltham, MA		Bentley University		**with John Waite**
10/28/85	Trenton, NJ		Trenton State College		**with John Waite**
10/31/85	New York, NY		Radio City Music Hall		**with John Waite**
11/02/85	Baton Rouge, LA		Airline Highway Park
11/03/85	Thibodaux, LA		Nicholls State University	**with John Waite**
11/05/85	Sunrise, FL		Sunrise Musical Theater		**with John Waite**
11/08/85	Tampa, FL		USF Sun Dome			**with John Waite**
11/09/85	Melbourne, FL		Brevard County Fair		**with John Waite**
11/10/85	Jacksonville, FL	Coliseum			**with John Waite**
11/11/85	Atlanta, GA		Fox Theatre			**with John Waite**
11/13/85	Knoxville, TN		University of Tennessee		**with John Waite**
11/19/85	St Louis, MO		Fox Theater			**with John Waite**
11/20/85	Joplin, MO		Memorial Hall			**with John Waite**
11/24/85	Phoenix, AZ		Celebrity Theatre		**with John Waite**
11/27/85	Hollywood, CA		Hollywood Palladium		**with John Waite**
11/29/85	Oakland, CA		Kaiser Convention Center	**with John Waite**
11/30/85	San Francisco, CA	Warfield Theatre		**with John Waite**
12/02/85	Seattle, WA		Paramount
12/03/85	Vancouver, BC, Canada	Commodore Ballroom
12/06/85	Denver, CO		Rainbow Music Hall
12/27/85	Merrillville, IN	Holiday Star Music Theatre
12/29/85	Detroit, MI		Harpo's
12/31/85	Chicago, IL		The Vic				**with Elvis Brothers**


01/30/86	Kenosha, WI		Brat Stop
02/01/86	Madison, WI		Headliners
02/06/86	Manchester, England	Apollo				**supporting Motley Crue**
02/07/86	Newcastle, England	City Hall			**supporting Motley Crue**
02/08/86	Edinburgh, Scotland	Playhouse			**supporting Motley Crue**
02/09/86	Birmingham, England	Odeon				**supporting Motley Crue**
02/10/86	Cardiff, Wales		St Davids Hall			**supporting Motley Crue**
02/12/86	Nottingham, England	Royal Concert Hall		**supporting Motley Crue**
02/13/86	Sheffield, England	City Hall			**supporting Motley Crue**
02/14/86	London, England		Hammersmith Odeon		**supporting Motley Crue**
02/15/86	London, England		Hammersmith Odeon		**supporting Motley Crue**
02/20/86	New York, NY		Radio City Music Hall		**Drive Aid concert with Todd Rundgren, Nils Lofgren, Michael Des Barres, Kool & the Gang
									It is uncertain whether CT actually performed at this event.**
03/??/86 ?	Cleveland, OH
03/22/86	Miami, FL						**cancelled, free show with Molly Hatchet**
03/28/86	Cleveland, OH		Front Row Theatre
03/29/86	West Point, NY		Eisenhower Hall Theater, US Military Academy 
04/01/86	Randolph, NJ		Obsessions
04/02/86	Hartford, CT 
04/03/86	Albany, NY 		JB's Theater			**with Todd Rundgren**
04/04/86	Newark, DE		Stone Balloon
04/05/86	Brooklyn, NY		L'Amour
04/06/86	Wilkes Barre, PA	Kirby Center
04/09/86	Florence, AL		University of N Alabama, Flowers Hall
04/11/86	Memphis, TN		Memphis State University Mall
07/31/86	Chicago, IL		Chicago Limelight
08/02/86	Palmer, AK		Polar Raceway Park		**with Chataqua, The Automatics, Hired Gun, Mercenary**
08/04/86	Austin, TX
08/09/86	Superior, WI		Head of the Lakes Fair
08/12/86	Springfield, IL		Illinois State Fair		**with Blue Oyster Cult**
08/14/86	Escanaba, MI		Upper Peninsula State Fair
08/16/86	Columbus, OH
08/17/86	Benzonia, MI		Detour Meadows			**with Blue Oyster Cult**
08/21/86	Shakopee, MN		Valley Fair			**two sets, 8pm and 10pm**
08/22/86	Shakopee, MN		Valley Fair			**two sets, 8pm and 10pm**
08/30/86	Milwaukee, WI		C-Club
08/31/86	Atlanta, GA		Six Flags Over Georgia
09/11/86	New Orleans, LA		Natchez Riverboat
09/25/86	Austin, TX		Cardi's
09/26/86	Dallas, TX		The Ritz
10/20/86	Los Angeles, CA		Rock'n'Roll Evening News Studio
10/23/86	Jacksonville, AL	Jacksonville State University	**with Bad Boy**
10/28/86	Atlanta, GA		Capri Theatre			**with Bad Boy**
10/31/86	Daytona Beach, FL	Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
11/01/86	Melbourne, FL		Brevard County Fair
11/02/86	Brandon, FL		Brandon Balloon Festival
11/06/86	Chicago, IL		Park West
11/08/86	Hartford, WI		Zivko's Ballroom
11/13/86	Cincinnati, OH		Bogarts				**with Elvis Brothers**
11/14/86	Detroit, MI		Harpo's
11/20/86	Syracuse, NY		Uncle Sam's
11/22/86	Boston, MA		Bayside Expo Centre		**WBCN Homeless Benefit**
11/25/86	Wilkes-Barre, PA	Autograph's
11/26/86	Harrisburg, PA		Metron
12/??/86	Long Beach, CA		Fender's
12/03/86 ?	Dallas, TX		Reunion Arena			**with Steve Perry**
12/03/86 ?	Augusta, GA						**with Ratt**
12/04/86	Savannah, GA		Savannah Civic Centre		**with Ratt**
12/05/86	Greensboro, NC		Coliseum			**with Ratt**
12/06/86	Columbia, SC		Carolina Coliseum		**with Ratt**
12/07/86	Charlotte, NC		Coliseum			**with Ratt**
12/09/86	Louisville, KY		Louisville Gardens		**with Ratt**
12/10/86	Memphis, TN						**with Ratt**
12/12/86	Houston, TX or Beaumont, TX (Civic Centre)		**with Poison, Ratt**
12/13/86	Dallas, TX		Reunion Arena			**with Poison, Ratt**
12/14/86	San Antonio, TX		Hemisfair Arena			**with Poison, Ratt**
12/16/86	El Paso, TX		Metropolis			**with Ratt**
12/17/86	Albuquerque, NM		University Stadium		**with Poison, Ratt**
12/18/86	Phoenix, AZ						**with Poison, Ratt**
12/19/86	Tucson, AZ		Convention Arena		**with Poison, Ratt (CT second on the bill, Ratt headlined)**
12/21/86	Long Beach, CA		Fenders Ballroom		**with Guns'n'Roses**
12/22/86	Hollywood, CA		Palace
12/27/86	Cedar Rapids, IA					**with Ratt**
12/28/86	Bloomington, MN		Met Centre			**with Poison, Ratt**
12/29/86	Milwaukee, WI		Arena				**with Ratt**
12/30/86	Chicago, IL		Rosemont Horizon		**with Ratt**
12/31/86	Indianapolis, IN	Market Square Arena		**with Ratt**


02/19/87	Lincoln, NE		Royal Grove Nite Club		**with Elvis Brothers**
02/22/87	Casper, WY		Events Center
02/26/87	Missoula, MT		University of Montana		**with .38 Special**
02/27/87	Bozeman, MT		Worthington Arena
03/01/87	Fargo, ND		Civic Center
03/02/87	Minneapolis, MN		1st Avenue			**with Moxxy Roxx**
03/13/87	Peru, NE		Peru State College		**with Elvis Brothers**
04/12/87	South Bend, IN		Morris Civic Center		**CANCELLED and moved to LaPorte IN, with Moxxy Roxx** on 
04/12/87 	LaPorte, IN		LaPorte Civic Auditorium	**see above**
04/13/87	Madison, WI		Headliners
04/14/87	Whitewater, WI		Williams Center
04/16/87	Kenosha, WI		Brat Stop
04/18/87	Hartford, CT		Zivko's Ballroom
04/29/87	Wayne, NJ		William Paterson College 
04/30/87	Poughkeepsie, NY	The Chance
04/30/87 ?	Storrs, CT		University of Connecticut
05/01/87	Jackson, NJ		Great Adventure
05/03/87	Rindge, NH		Franklin Pierce College
05/08/87	Atlanta, GA
05/17/87	El Paso, TX		Mountain shadow Lake		**KLAQ Ballooon Festival**
05/23/87	Bensalem, PA		Philadelphia Park
05/25/87	Lexington, KY		Red Mile Racetrack
06/02/87	Chandler, AZ		Compton Terrace
07/01/87	Milwaukee, WI		Summerfest
07/02/87	Fort Madison, IA	Riverview Park
05/27/87	Auburn, AL		Auburn University
07/29/87	Chippewa Falls, WI
07/31/87	Toledo, OH		Lucas County Fair
09/05/87	Rockford, IL		Davis Park/On The Waterfront
09/06/87	Aurora, IL
09/09/87	Warrensburg, MO
09/10/87	Springfield, MO		The Regency    			**two sets, last CT show w/ Jon Brant**
12/27/87	San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House			**two shows - early & late, Tom Petersson's first show back **
12/28/87	San Diego, CA		Bachannal
12/29/87	Hollywood, CA		Palace
12/31/87 ?	Santa Barbara, CA	Arlington Theatre
12/31/87	Riverside, CA		De Anza Theatre


01/01/88	Santa Clara, CA		One Step Beyond
01/02/88	San Francisco, CA	The Stone
01/06/88	Phoenix, AZ		Celebrity Theater
01/07/88	Tucson, AZ		Tucson Garden			**with Holland and Loud"
01/09/88	Austin, TX		Backroom			**with The Elvis Brothers**
01/10/88	Houston, TX       	Xcess				**with The Elvis Brothers**
01/11/88	Dallas, TX		The Boiler Room			**with The Elvis Brothers**
01/12/88	San Antonio, TX		The Showcase			**with The Elvis Brothers**
01/13/88	Oklahoma City, OK	Fritz's				**with The Elvis Brothers**
01/15/88	St Louis, MO		Westport Playhouse
02/21/88	Boulder, CO		Boulders Coast
02/24/88	Cincinnati, OH		Bogarts				**with The Elvis Brothers**
02/25/88	Indianapolis, IN	The Vogue Theater		**with The Elvis Brothers**
02/26/88	Taylorville, IL		Nashville North			**with The Elvis Brothers**
02/27/88	Detroit, MI		Harpo's				**with The Elvis Brothers**
02/28/88	Grand Rapids, MI	Paolo's Living Room		**with The Elvis Brothers**
02/29/88 ?	Columbus, OH		Newport Music Hall
03/01/88	Columbus, OH		Newport Music Hall		**with The Elvis Brothers**
03/02/88	Cleveland, OH		Cracker Jacks
03/25/88	Daytona Beach, FL	Ocean Center			**with Henry Lee Summer, Elan**    
03/26/88	Tampa, FL     		USF Sun Dome
04/07/88	Brisbane, Australia	Roxy
04/08/88	Brisbane, Australia	Rock Arena, Mansfield Tavern
04/09/88	Gold Coast, Australia	The Patch
04/10/88	N.Brisbane, Australia	The Galaxy, Alexander Headland
04/12/88	Byron Bay, Australia	Arts Factory
04/13/88	Newcastle, Australia	Quay One
04/14/88	Sydney, Australia	University of NSW's Roundhouse, Revesby
04/15/88	S.Wollongong, Australia	Dapto Leagues
04/16/88	Sydney, Australia	Selina's
04/17/88	Canberra, Australia	Royals Rugby Club
04/19/88	Adelaide, Australia	The Venue
04/20/88	Mildura, Australia	The Bridge Hotel
04/21/88 ??	Laverton, Australia	Tarmac Hotel
04/21/88 	Melbourne, Australia	West Side        
04/22/88	Melbourne, Australia	Palace
04/23/88	Melbourne, Australia	Palace        
04/24/88	Frankston, Australia	21st Century/Pier Hotel ?
04/26/88	Sydney, Australia	Tivoli
04/27/88	Blacktown, Australia	Tiffanys Dapto League Club            
05/xx/88	Montreux, Switzerland	Montreux Festival
05/06/88	Albany, NY		State University of NY
05/23/88	Chicago, IL		Hard Rock Cafe
05/26/88	Tulsa, OK		Expo Square Pavilion   
05/27/88	Fort Worth, TX		Convention Center
06/11/88	Oklahoma City, OK	Corner Hudson/Walker		**KATT-FM Downtown Beach Party**
06/25/88 	Houston, TX		Astrodome parking lot
06/26/88 ?	Bonner Springs, KS	Sandstone Amphitheatre
06/29/88	Rochester, MN		Mayo Civic Centre 
07/01/88	Sioux City, IA
07/03/88	Hot Springs, SD      
07/06/88	London, England		Hammersmith Odeon  		**with Living Colour**
07/09/88	Louisville, KY		Louisville Gardens		**with Robert Plant**
07/10/88	Birmingham, AL		Oak Mountain Amphitheater	**with Robert Plant**
07/12/88	Tampa, FL		Expo Center
07/14/88	Miami, FL		Miami Arena			**with Robert Plant**
07/15/88	Fargo, ND		Red River Valley Fair		**with Henry Lee Summer Band**
07/16/88	Columbia, SC
07/17/88	Charlotte, NC		Charlotte Coliseum		**with Robert Plant**
07/19/88	Greensboro, NC		Greensboro Coliseum		**with Robert Plant**
07/20/88	Richmond, VA		Richmond Coliseum		**with Robert Plant**
07/22/88	Hampton, VA		Hampton Coliseum		**with Robert Plant**
07/23/88 ??	Detroit, MI		Hart Plaza-Motor City Fest
07/23/88	Hershey, PA		Hershey Park			**cancelled due to rain, with Robert Plant**
07/24/88	Hershey, PA		Hershey Park			**with Robert Plant, rescheduled date**
07/25/88	Providence, RI		Civic Center			**with Robert Plant**
07/26/88	Saratoga Springs, NY					**with Robert Plant**
07/28/88	Uniondale, NY		Nassau Coliseum			**with Robert Plant**
07/29/88	New York, NY		Madison Square Garden 		**with Robert Plant**
08/02/88	Davenport, IA		Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
08/04/88	Minneapolis, MN   
08/05/88	Shawano, WI		Menominee Reservation		**with Joan Jett**
08/07/88	St Louis, MO		Six Flags Over Mid-America
08/16/88	Bonner Springs, KS	Sandstone Amphitheatre		**with Moody Blues, Glass Tiger**
08/18/88	Hannibal, MO		Riverfront Aphitheter
08/19/88	Montreal, QB, Canada	La Ronde
08/20/88 	Ottawa, ON Canada	Grandstand at Lansdowne Park
08/21/88	Toronto, ON Canada	CNE Grandstand 
08/22/88	Quebec City, QB, Canada	L'Agora du Vieux Port
08/23/88 ?	n/k, NY
08/24/88	Hampton Beach, NH	Club Casino
08/25/88 	Bristol, CT		Lake Compounce Park   
08/26/88	Jackson, NJ		Six Flags Great Adventure     
08/27/88	New York, NY		United Nations Garden		**24 hr TV childrens aid**
09/01/88	Cleveland, OH		Nautica Stage
09/02/88	East Troy, WI		Alpine Valley
09/03/88	East Troy, WI		Alpine Valley   		**with INXS, Ziggy Marley**
09/04/88	Miami, FL		Miami Beach			**Miami Beach Sunday free concert, with Expose and Brenda K Starr**
09/05/88	Pueblo, CO		Colorado State Fair
09/09/88	Tyler, TX		Oil Palace
09/10/88	Lubbock, TX		Municipal Auditorium
09/11/88	Amarillo, TX
09/16/88 	Los Angeles, CA		Universal Amphitheatre		**Benefit show w/special guests from Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Whitesnake**   
09/26/88 ?	Memphis, TN		Mud Island Amphitheater
09/28/88	Ruston, LA		Thomas Assembly Center
10/15/88	Joplin, MO		Memorial Hall
10/16/88	Springfield, MO		Shrine Mosque
10/22/88	Phoenix, AZ		Veterans Memorial Coliseum or Arizona State Fair
10/23/88	Portales, NM		Easter New Mexico University
10/26/88 ?	Gainesville, FL		O'Connell Center
10/26/88	Tuscaloosa, AL		Foster Auditorium		**with Femme Fatale**
10/29/88	New Orleans, LA		LA Saenger Performing Arts Ctre **with Femme Fatale**
10/31/88	Norman, OK		Lloyd Noble Center		**cancelled**
11/02/88	Stevens Point, WI	Quandt Fieldhouse
11/03/88	Normal, IL		ISU Braden Auditorium
11/04/88	Macomb, IL		Western Illinois University
11/05/88	West Lafayette, IN	Elliot Hall of Music
11/14/88	Tokyo, Japan		Nippon Budokan
11/17/88	Yokohama, Japan		Bunka Taiikukan
11/18/88	Kyoto, Japan		Kaikan Daiichi Hall
11/21/88	Osaka, Japan		Archaic Hall
11/22/88	Osaka, Japan		Festival Hall
11/25/88	Nagoya, Japan		Nagoya-Shi Kokkaido
11/29/88	Melbourne, Australia	Palace     
11/30/88	Melbourne, Australia	Palace      
12/02/88	Sydney, Australia	Selena's      
12/03/88	Sydney, Australia	Selena's  
12/07/88	Honolulu, HI		Neal S. Blaisdell Arena
12/16/88	Green Bay, WI		Brown Co Veterans Memorial Arena  **with Bullet Boys**
12/17/88	Rockford, IL		Metro Centre
12/26/88	Ft Wayne, IN		Memorial Coliseum
12/27/88	Indianapolis, IN	Market Square Arena		  **with Joan Jett, House of Lords**
12/28/88 	Evansville, IN  	Roberts Stadium
12/29/88	Louisville, KY		Louisville Gardens
12/30/88	Cincinnati, OH		Gardens
12/31/88	Chicago, IL		Riviera


01/02/89	Cedar Rapids, IA	Five Seasons Center		  **with House of Lords**
01/03/89	Minneapolis, MN		Orpheum Theatre			 **with House of Lords***
01/05/89	Milwaukee, WI		Riverside Theatre		 **with House of Lords***
01/06/89	Milwaukee, WI		Riverside Theatre		 **with House of Lords***
01/07/89	Des Moines, IA		Veteran's Memorial Auditorium	 **with House of Lords***
01/08/89	South Bend, IN		Morris Civic Auditorium		 **with House of Lords***
01/10/89	Kalamazoo, MI		Wings Stadium
01/12/89	Erie, PA		Civic Centre			 **with House of Lords***
01/13/89	Columbus, OH		Veterans Memorial		 **with House of Lords***
01/14/89	Akron, OH		Civic Theatre			 **with House of Lords***
01/15/89	Pittsburgh, PA		Syria Mosque			 **with House of Lords***
01/18/89	Toledo, OH		Masonic Auditorium		 **with House of Lords***
01/19/89	East Lansing, MI	MSU Auditorium			  **with House of Lords**
01/21/89	Detroit, MI		Palace of Auburn Hills		 **with House of Lords***
01/23/89	Wilkes Barre, PA	F.M. Kirby Center for Perf. Arts  **with House of Lords**
01/24/89	Albany, NY		Palace Theatre			 **with House of Lords***
01/25/89 	Poughkeepsie, NY	Mid-Hudson Civic Center  	  **with House of Lords**
01/xx/89 ?	Uniondale, NY
01/27/89	Utica, NY		Stanley Theater			  **with House of Lords**
01/28/89	Upper Darby, PA		Tower Theater			  **with House of Lords**
01/29/89	Fairfax, VA		Patriot Center, George Mason Uni. **with House of Lords**
01/31/89	Providence, RI		Performing Arts Center		  **with House of Lords**
02/01/89	Burlington, VT		Memorial Auditorium
02/02/89	Boston, MA		Orpheum Theater			  **with House of Lords**
02/03/89	Springfield, MA		Springfield Civic Center	  **with House of Lords**
02/xx/89 ?	Hartford, CT		Civic Centre
02/04/89	West Point, NY		Eisenhower Hall			 **with House of Lords***
02/06/89	Moncton, NB, Canada	Coliseum			 **with Eddie Money***
02/07/89	Halifax, NS Canada	Metro Centre			 **with Eddie Money***
02/08/89	Sydney, NS, Canada	Centre 200			 **with Eddie Money***
02/10/89	Montreal, QB, Canada	The Forum			 **with Eddie Money***
02/12/89	Ottawa, QB, Canada	Civic Center			  **with Eddie Money**
02/13/89	Toronto, ON, Canada	Maple Leaf Gardens		 **with Eddie Money***
02/14/89	Sudbury, ON, Canada	Community Arena			  **with Eddie Money**
02/16/89	Winnipeg, MB Canada	Arena				  **with Eddie Money**
02/19/89	Calgary, AB Canada	Olympic Saddledome		  **with Eddie Money**
02/20/89	Edmonton, AB Canada	Northlands Coliseum		  **with Eddie Money**
02/22/89	Houston, TX		The Astrodome			  **Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo**
02/24/89	Vancouver, BC, Canada	Pacific Coliseum		 **with Eddie Money***
02/24/89	Vancouver, BC, Canada	Club Soda			 **After show party, impromptu 4 songs with members of Motley Clue**
02/26/89	Seattle, WA		Paramount Theater
02/28/89	Medford, OR		Jackson, County Expo
03/01/89	Oakland, CA		Kaiser Convention Center    
03/03/89	Los Angeles, CA		Universal Amphitheatre    
03/04/89	San Diego, CA		Starlight Bowl			 **with  Jetboy**
03/05/89	Chandler, AZ		Compton Terrace
03/07/89	Salt Lake City, UT	Salt Palace Exhibition Hall
03/08/89	Casper, WY		Events Center			  **with Jetboy**
03/10/89	Denver, CO		Mammoth Events Center
03/17/89	Melbourne, FL		Auditorium
03/18/89	Daytona Beach, FL	MTV Spring Break     
03/18/89	Sunrise, FL		Sunrise Musical Theater
04/02/89	Martin, TN		University of Tennessee		  **with Royal Court of China*
04/05/89	Salem, VA		Civic Center			  **with Royal Court of China*
04/06/89	Morehead, KY		Morehead State University	 **with Royal Court of China*
04/07/89	Clarksburg, WV		Nathan Goff Armory		  **with Royal Court of China*
04/08/89	Washington, D.C		Bender Arena, American Univ
04/??/89	Buffalo, NY		UB Springfest
04/15/89	San Antonio, TX 
04/22/89	Oxford, OH		Millett Hall
04/29/89	Amherst, NY		Baird Point, Univ of Buffalo
05 or 06/03/89	Lincoln, NE		Pinewood Bowl
05/05/89	Rochester, NY		Ritter Arena
05/06/89	Albany, NY		SUNY
05/07/89	Philadelphia, PA	Hill Field, Univ of Pennsylvania
05/21/89	Atlanta, GA		Six Flags Over Georgia,  	  **with Samantha Fox**
05/26/89	Berea, OH		Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds	  **National Rib Cook Off**
05/28/89	Davenport, IA		Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
06/??/89	Toledo, OH
06/03/89	Little Rock, AR		Riverfront Park
06/04/89	Lincoln, NE		Pioneer Park
06/11/89	Cincinnati, OH		Kings Island			 **with Elvis Brothers**
06/23/89	Nummijarvi, Finland	Nummirockfestival
06/29/89	Winnipeg, MB, Canada	Winnipeg Stadium
07/20/89	Bristol, CT		Lake Compounce Festival Park
07/21/89	Jackson, NJ		Great Adventure
07/29/89	Janesville, WI		Rock County Fairgrounds
08/04/89	St Paul, MN		Harriet Island			  **Riverfest, with Soul Asylum**
08/26/89	Charleston, WV		Sternwheel Regatta
09/01/89	Detroit, MI		Michigan State Fair
09/02/89	Corpus Christi, TX	Naval Air Station		   **with Huey Lewis & The News** 
10/31/89	Madison, WI		Oscar Mayer Theater, Civic Center  **2 sets**
11/04/89	St Cloud, MN		Hallenbeck Hall
12/08/89	Monterey, Mexico	Plaza de Toros Monumental Monterey
12/??/89	Mexico City, Mexico	Teatro Angela Peralto
12/??/89	Acapulco, Mexico	Hard Rock Cafe			  **private show**
12/31/89	New York, NY		Limelight

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