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Newsletter Issue #25 - January, 2001

Welcome to the twenty fifth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter, and includes a long review of the Dec 30 and 31 shows in the Midwest which I hope you find of interest. {Newsletter Review - nye2000.htm}

Current live dates announced on the official CT website are as follows: 10 Jan - Verona NY; 11 - New York (Town Hall); 12 - New York (Irving Plaza); 13 - Philadelphia; 15 - Boston; 16 - Mashantucket CT; 21 - Washington DC; 22 - Carrboro NC; 23 - Atlanta GA; 25 - Lake Buena Vista FL (House of Blues); 26 - Ybor City FL; 27 - Hallandale FL; 2 Feb - Ft Myers FL; 2 & 3 Mar - Sault Ste Marie MI; 4 - Green Bay WI; 6 - Minneapolis; 9 - Rockford IL; 10 - Milwaukee. As always, these dates are subject to confirmation and change, please check before travelling. I understand tour plans are being considered through to early summer, I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear more. Harmony Riley, featuring two of Rick's sons will be opening some of the East Coast shows this month, so that's a bonus for people going to any of those shows.

Cheap Trick played an interesting New Years Eve show at Merrillville, Indiana, and their set included the first public playing of a brand new song, titled "She's Alright". Read more about the shows, and my trip, in the attached review.

At the Mt Pleasant MI show on Dec 30, Rick announced on stage that the Rockford 25th Anniversary show (from Aug 99) will be broadcast in the US during February, on the cable channel DirectTV. Hopefully this may mean that video and/or DVD will be available to purchase later in the year.

Bun E's Basement Bootleg #2 has been made available to the public to purchase . For those receiving this newsletter on paper, I have included an order form. For those receiving this by e-mail, go to . I haven't yet received my copy, but I know that it contains 25 tracks, and is a "Best of Soundchecks, 82 to 97". I understand that some songs are not full versions, but the track listing includes Ooh La La, Looking Out for Number One, Rock'n'Roll Tonight, Brontosaurus, Shelter and YOYOY, as well as a number of interesting covers. There is also a video track and internet link to a mystery download.

You may have noticed on the inner sleeve of the "Authorized Greatest Hits" CD that there is a release titled "Silver", which a number of people have written to me to enquire about. This is the CD release of songs from the Rockford 25th Anniversary Show, but I understand that the release has been delayed due to the time spent on mixing material from that long show for CD, video and DVD, it's been a huge job. "Silver" had been expected to be released before "AGH", hence its listing in the biography on that CDs inner. No news on a release date as yet.

No news on any release date for the new studio CD, though Rick has recently said that 11 tracks have been recorded, and it was interesting that a new song was played at the NYE show. Hopefully 2000+1 will see more new material both played live and released.

No further news on the "Music for Hangovers" DVD, since the last newsletter. This is reported to have been held up by the AOL-Time Warner merger.

Those of you linked to the internet may have seen that the official website at has recently been revamped and updated. MP3's of the four songs from "Found All the Parts" can be downloaded from the site, the first time that these songs have been available in a digital format. Also Bun E's Jukebox has just been restocked with twelve songs, including a number which have previously been unavailable officially.

Channel 5 in the UK have just started broadcasting season 2 of the Fox TV show "That 70's Show", so the 15-20 seconds of theme that you'll now hear during the opening credits are Cheap Trick playing "That 70's Song".

As mentioned in the past, this newsletter was never intended to serve as a fanzine. However, if any readers of this newsletter (particularly those receiving by post) wish to make contact with other CT fans, please LMK and I'll include your mail or e-mail addresses in the next issue.

As ever, the official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, PMB #149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA and can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff and the current range can be viewed on the official website (see below). Orders/enquiries should be sent to Trickstuff, PO Box 1911, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. The official Cheap Trick internet website internet is at .

All past issues of this newsletter, interviews, reviews and photo's are archived on my internet site -

I hope you've found this issue informative. If you receive this by paper mail, I'd be grateful you could send a sae (or more) or IRC for the next issue. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write to or e-mail me. The next issue is due in mid March.

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