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Japan - August 2003

My third visit to Japan - an incredible, 7 day, 6 show trip. Here's some pictures from this trip that I hope you enjoy, and the usual long review can be found in the "Reviews2003" section.

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                     Hard Rock Cafe, Roppongi, Tokyo - Friday 1 August

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                       Hard Rock Cafe, Roppongi, Tokyo - acoustic set

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Hard Rock Cafe, Roppongi, Tokyo - award presentation to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Budokan shows. It was hard to take photo's through the throng of media people there!

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Storefront, Roppongi, Tokyo             Summersonic, Chiba (Tokyo) - Saturday 2 August (in the stadium shot, the High-Lows had just finished, hence the "empty" space at stage front)

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"NFL Tokyo" - Tokyo Dome, Sat 2 August.   "I Want You To Want Me" (note RZ on big screen)

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Tokyo Dome, Saturday 2 August. "Scent of a Woman"

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           Me/friends at Tokyo Dome.                       Me (in Cheap Chick shirt!) at Tokyo Station.                                                                                        Uhh... which train for Sendai?

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Sendai Railway Station.              Zepp Sendai.       On the train on Hokkaido, en route to Sapporo    nippon03_27.jpg (84620 bytes)       nippon03_28.jpg (63016 bytes)          nippon03_29.jpg (59931 bytes)          nippon03_30.jpg (84903 bytes)

Suskino, Sapporo.     With Sexual doctor!          Zepp Sapporo.                 Sapporo temple

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        Tanuki Koji arcade.        CT display in Tower Records.          Odori Koen park. 

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             Sapporo TV Tower        Mt Fuji from near Yokohama      Paris CDG Airport


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