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Newsletter Issue #26 - March, 2001

Welcome to the twenty sixth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter. This includes a review of the early March shows in the Midwest and an interview that Bun E kindly gave me, both of which I hope you find interesting. {Newsletter Review - snowymidwest.htm / Bun E Interview - bune_mar.htm}

Current live dates announced on the official CT website are as follows: 29 Mar - Osaka, Japan; 30 - Fukuoka; 2 Apr - Nagoya; 3 - Shizuoka; 4 - Tokyo; 6 - Tokyo; 7 - Yokohama; 28 - Sloan IA; 4 May - Louisville KY; 5 - Atlanta GA; 6 - Nashville; 26 - Philadelphia;
30 Jun - Muskegon MI; 1 Jul - Great Lakes IL; 4 - St Louis; 12 - San Diego; 13 - Santa Maria CA; 14 - Las Vegas; 19 - Saratoga CA; 20 - Merced CA; 21 - Central Point OR. As always, these dates are subject to confirmation and change, please check before travelling.

As can be seen from the list above, it looks as if the band will have another busy summer of touring, and I'm sure further dates will be added to the schedule around those listed above. Rick has mentioned in an online interview (plus Bun E mentions in my interview with him) that the band have been considering Europe early this summer. However, nothing has been booked as yet, nor are European dates certain to happen. If/when dates are announced, I will write out again and let you know as soon as possible.

"Silver" was released on 27 February in the USA and the retail cost is around $22. The double CD set in a gatefold sleeve contains the complete 25th Anniversary Show that was held in Rockford in August 1999. It is on the Cheap Trick Unlimited label and has not been released in Europe. My best suggestion (In the UK) is to look out for it in the small retailer advertisments that appear in magazines such as MOJO and Classic Rock. I'd guess they'll get it quicker than any of the large chains stores such as Virgin and HMV.

The release of the "Silver" DVD has been delayed, and at present no release date has been set. However, fans in the USA with access to the cable channel DirecTV were able to see much of the Silver show during February, as the channel provided saturation coverage by broadcasting this non stop every weekend during February. The broadcast was not the complete Silver show, as several songs were cut out, but did include some recent interview footage (filmed around New Years Eve 2000 at Merrillville IN) as well as some archive footage from Budokan in 1978. In honour of the event, Rick was flicking out special Cheap Trick/DirecTV picks during February and early March.

I have no further news on the release of the "Music for Hangovers" DVD. It can only be hoped that will eventually be released by Rhino. No news either on progress with material for the new studio release, which is "ongoing". I was aware during the early March Midwest shows that band members continue to use time "on the road" to work on new songs.

The Rockford show on March 9 was always going to be an interesting event, as the band were playing at the newly refurbished Coronado Theatre (Rick was heavily involved in the restoration project) as well as it being a hometown show. However, the show was literally stolen by Rick having his trademark braided goatee beard cut off at the end of the main set, and then coming back on for the encore minutes later clean shaven! Rick is quoted as saying that he has made a number of musical and personal changes during the past year, so this felt like the right time to shave off the beard. Pictures of the event can be found on the official website (see below).

Bun E will be taking part in "The Third Waltz" at March 22nd at Chicago's Metro, a benefit concert for local homeless youth. Other artists due to appear include Billy Corgan and Marianne Faithfull.

Early March saw the U.S release of the CD album by SWAG titled "Catch-All". The Cheap Trick connection is that SWAG on occasion includes Tom Petersson (when he's not tied up with his day job in CT!). Other SWAG members include musicans from Wilco and The Mavericks. I understand that Tom appears on around half the tracks on the new CD, and Rick Nielsen guested on two previous SWAG singles released in 98 and 99. SWAG will be touring in the US during April, but I understand Tom won't be with them for those dates. For further information visit

March has been a surprisingly good month for Cheap Trick coverage in the UK music press. A review of January's Atlanta show was the lead live review in the March issue of MOJO, complete with a couple of colour pictures. March's Classic Rock carries a review of the Boston show in January.

In what seems to be becoming an annual event, a fourth fan tribute album is being produced. The deadline for entries to this non-profit making CD is July 1. For further details, contact, write to Push Button Gadget Inc, P.O. Box 511793, Milwaukee, WI 53203 USA or visit the website at   Songs should be submittted on CD-R or cassette tape only, should be clearly marked and band info (and perhaps a photo) included.

As ever, the official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, PMB #149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA, e-mail at and the official website is at  Merchandise is available from Trickstuff and the current range can be viewed on the official website. Orders/enquiries should be sent to Trickstuff, PO Box 1911, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. All past issues of this newsletter, interviews, reviews and photo's are archived on my internet site -

I hope you've found this issue informative. If you receive this by paper mail, I'd be grateful you could send a sae (or more) or IRC for the next issue. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write to or e-mail me. The next issue is due in mid May, unless any European dates are announced, in which case I'll write out sooner!

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