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Newsletter Issue #8 - March 1998

Welcome to the eighth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter. As reported last time, this is a "Trickfest 2" Special. I've now recovered from the jet lag and late nights, to bring you the news ! You'll find attached a personal report from TF2, as well as a short interview that Rick Nielsen kindly gave me, minutes after coming off stage after the Saturday "Evening with Cheap Trick" show {Newsletter Review - trickfest2.htm}.

1998 looks to be yet another busy year, for both the band and fans alike, with several likely CD releases as well as some special shows. This year see's the 20th anniversary of the famous "Budokan" concerts which spawned the best selling live album, and a number of events celebrate this. Sony Music will release "At Budokan: The Complete Concert" 2 CD set,worldwide, late in April (but likely later in Europe - Sony UK have no details at mid March). I understand it features the original albums first 10 songs, as well as eight other tracks from the same concert, and one other track from Osaka on the same tour, sequenced in the original playing order. This deluxe CD set will also include a multimedia section, containing interviews and video footage from the Budokan concert up the last tour. To coincide with this release, the band play a number of special shows. On 27 April, they play at the Roxy in Los Angeles. On 28 April, they appear on the Jay Leno talk show, and later play at San Francisco's famed Fillmore Theatre, a show which will be a live Webcast on the internet. More details at Before that, the band play a show at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida on March 21. Late April see's a very special series of shows at The Metro in Chicago. On consecutive nights from April 30 to May 3, the band will play their first 4 albums, in order and entirity. April 30 sees the band play "The complete Budokan", May 1 - Cheap Trick (1977), May 2 - "In Color", and May 3 - "Heaven Tonight". The band may later visit other major US cities and play a similar 4 show package. June sees the band reportedly playing at a classic rock festival in North Dakota.

The band are currently in discussion with a number of companies, to secure a new recording contract. They hope to spend much of 1998 recording a new album, and are currently in the early stages of preparing material. Touring plans will be dictated by the recording schedule, but as well as American plans as detailed above, the band tentatively plan to return to Japan and Australia this year, and also hope to include Europe. At present, negotiations are under way for a small number of Festival dates in England during July, but details are to be confirmed. Watch this space, and the music press !

As reported previously, it is expected that the first three albums, remastered, will be released in the autumn of 1998. Each will feature extra bonus tracks. This is part of an ongoing programme to remaster and re-release the albums recorded for Epic. Two new compilation albums are "reported" as being due for release, though I cannot confirm these. I understood that March was to see the release of "The Hits of Cheap Trick" in the UK from Sony Records. However, Sony UK have no information on this at mid March ! April apparently see's the release of "Cheap Trick - Premium Best" in Japan, described as "hits and alternate versions". The tribute album "Cheap Shots" (as previously reported) was shelved due to the demise of Red Ant (who held its licence), and seems unlikely to be released in the foreseeable future. However, a second tribute album, titled "Stiff Competition" has been reported as due this year (again, this is unconfirmed). The 2 CD set apparently includes artists such as Enuff'Z'Nuff, Gilby Clark and Danny Vaughan. A song titled "Automatic Soup" , recorded by the band Stutter to Think and with Robin Zander on vocals, is to appear on the soundtrack to the movie "First Love Last Rites". The soundtrack is due for US release in August. Finally, I understand that there are no plans for the "Live in Australia (1988)" video to be released in Europe. It was released in the USA in Dec 1997, and may be available in Europe on import, but remember, it will be in NTSC video format, not PAL.

Mike Hayes' unofficial biography of Cheap Trick, "Reputation is a Fragile Thing" is now available, only by mail order. The cost in Europe is US$33 including postage, payable by International Money Order (payable to "Poptastic!". Order from Poptastic!, Box 1249, Willow Grove, Pa 19090, USA.

The official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, Suite 149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA . Additionally TI can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff, 630 S Whitney Way, # 150, Madison, WI 53711, USA. A wide range of new merchandise, including several new t-shirt designs, was available at Trickfest 2, and I hope to be able to issue a new merchandise list with the next issue. Remember that you can get a 10% discount on most orders (other than special offers) if you are a TI member. The official Cheap Trick home page on the Internet can be found at and there is a flourishing newsgroup at

I hope you've found this issue informative. Unless you have already done so, please send an sae (UK) or International Reply Coupon (IRC) (Europe) for the next issue. Sadly, due to major changes in my personal life, the next issue may be the last (I move to San Diego, California later in the summer). At present, I'm uncertain of how feasible it will be to continue producing this from there, particularly as this is a free newsletter and I have no desire to start charging fee's. Would you be willing to pay a little more postage ? Please let me have any comments, and I'll let you know next time if I'll endeavour to continue from there in the autumn. Note also that I'll be moving house shortly too, but mail should follow me.

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