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The South - March 2000

Cheap Trick and fan photo's from the March shows in the South. The CT shots are from the Robinsonville MS show on 10 March; the fan pictures are from Robinsonville and New Orleans. Thanks to Trap0 for her pics!

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The first 15 pics - Cheap Trick and fans, Sam's Town Casino & Hotel, Tunica/Robinsonville, Mississippi

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                                                        Cool entrance to the House of Blues, New Orleans

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HOB, New Orleans / Kim in NOLA, nice shirt & beard?? / Fans on the water at New Orleans 

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These 5 are Trap0's pix - CT at Robinsonville/ fans after show in New Orleans - Thanks Robin & Phyll!

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You'll find my review of this trip and shows in the "Reviews" section.


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