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New Years Eve - 31 December 2000

Here are my pictures from New Years Eve 2000 at Merrillville IN. There are a few fan pictures, plus pictures of Cheap Track from Tokyo, who were specially invited by Cheap Trick to open the show. (There's also one picture of the entrance to the Soaring Eagle Casino at Mt Pleasant, MI, where Cheap Trick played the night before).

NYE01.jpg (99172 bytes)  Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt Pleasant MI

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Fans before the NYE show 2000

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More fan shots, plus Sushi Man just before Cheap Track took the stage

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From Tokyo Japan, CHEAP TRACK!!            Sushi Man            On the drums, Mr Shige...!!

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Tokyo Zander                    Kinko                                                      Don't Be Cruel...

You'll find my review of this trip and shows in the "Reviews" section.


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