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Rockford - November 12, 2005

A short visit to Rockford, not for a show but for a couple of Cheap Trick related things...

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The Museum Center at Midway Village was featuring an exhibit of the "famous" Sock Monkey, which apparently originated in Rockford. This was truly one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen! The exhibit features a number of 6' high Sock Monkey models, each uniquely decorated. As befits the hometown of Cheap Trick, there is one dedicated to the band and decorated with checkerboard, old tickets, Cheap Trick pictures etc. It has green checkerboard picks for eyes, and wears a Tom Petersson signature bass!

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Later that day, Bun E made an appearance at the Rockford Public Library, at a short ceremony to recognise his donation of almost 700 CD's from his personal collection to the Library. Rick also stopped by, and after the short ceremony both gave a brief autograph session.

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