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Newsletter Issue #66 - Sept 2009

Welcome to the sixty-sixth "UNOFFICIAL" Cheap Trick newsletter, and I hope you find it of interest.

The following live dates are currently listed on the official CT website ( as at 13 Sept. As always, dates are subject to confirmation and change so please check before travelling, and check the website for further additions.

The band has been busy during the summer supporting Def Leppard and Poison in the USA and Canada. That tour has now finished, though Def Leppard have just announced that a further 20 shows (with Cheap Trick supporting, no Poison) are being arranged though details of only 3 dates have been given so far. These are: 22 Oct - Reno NV; 24 - Boise ID; 25 - Spokane WA. Check regularly for details of the other dates, which look likely to take place in late October and November.

In addition, the band members will be involved in nine shows in Las Vegas, performing "Sgt Pepper Live" together with a full orchestra and other guest artists. These shows start today, and are being held at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sept 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23.

The band have included some interesting tracks during the shows played so far, including "Way of the World", "A Day in the Life" as well as new songs "When the Lights Are Out", "Sick Man of Europe", "These Days" and "Miss Tomorrow". Setlists for most of the summer shows can be found on a new section accessible on the home page of the official website.

On 25th August, the band released a CD and DVD of the "Sgt Pepper" show that they performed at a charity event in New York on 12 Dec 2007. This has only been released in the USA, though is available on import in Europe. Proceeds from sales of both formats will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

"The Latest" album continues to be the fastest selling 8-track in the world!

As well as touring with Def Leppard and Poison over the summer, the band have also been busy with a number of media appearances. These include "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" on which they performed "Sick Man of Europe"; and NPR Radio (recorded 7 July, broadcast on 27 Aug) on which they performed "I Want You to Want Me", "These Days", "Sick Man of Europe" and "Dream Police". In addition, Rick has been interviewed on WLS-FM, Chicago with Dick Biondi on 22 July, and on a podcast for
- Those in the USA can view the Conan appearance online via
- The NPR performance can be heard in streaming audio at
- The WLS-FM interview can be downloaded in MP3 format from
- The podcast can be downloaded in MP3 format from

The front page of the official website, continues to feature a long (and updated) list of links to recent reviews of shows and the new CD - lots of good reading. In addition, you can watch a number of videos on the bands own "YouTube" channel via the official website, including the new video for "Sick Man of Europe". The official website is worth checking regularly - not only for tour dates, but new photo's, merchandise and fan club details.

The band has just opened a new, online custom merchandise store. This can be accessed at . Shoppers can customise a wide range of clothing and other goods with the bands distinctive logo, as well as order CT logo mouse pads, coffee mugs, magnets etc.

I hope you've found this latest issue informative and don't forget my archive website at If you receive this by paper mail, I'd be grateful you could send a stamped envelope for the next issue. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write or e-mail me.

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