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Newsletter Issue #11 - September 1998

Welcome to the eleventh "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter. This includes a short review of the San Diego "Streetscene" show that I recently attended {Newsletter Review - sandiego.htm}.

The busy touring schedule for 1998 is drawing to a close, and the remaining shows are mostly "album" shows. These are currently:

24-26 Sep - San Francisco; 1-3 Oct - Los Angeles; 4 - Kelseyville CA; 6 - Portland OR; 8-10 - Seattle; 15-17 - Boston; 22-24 - Philadelphia; 29-31 - New York; 5-7 Nov - Minneapolis; 27-29 - Detroit.

* The "album" shows are the Cheap Trick, In Color and Heaven Tonight shows.
** Further dates may be added and and all dates are subject to change. If you are on the internet, the Cheap Trick home pages will contain the latest information (see below)

If you think of making a special trip to any of these album shows, please make sure you CAN get tickets first. Its unlikely that tickets will be able to be bought on the door. Generally, the best bet for American tickets is by calling the Ticketmaster agency, which has outlets all over the US. I will be at the New York shows, and there is a slight possibility of Minneapolis too.

Late afternoon on 30 Oct, the band will record an appearence for that evenings "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in New York. I do not believe this is broadcast on satellite here in the UK, but its worth checking satellite TV listings.

I was unable to speak to the band in San Diego, to find out latest recording news. Rumour has it that several songs have been recorded with Steve Albini, but this is unconfirmed. I understand that work is continuing on the 14 songs selected from the Chicago Metro (album) shows in early May, but I have no release news yet for this.

The first 3 albums ("Cheap Trick, In Color ... and in Black and White, and Heaven Tonight) have been digitally remastered, with US release for all three being on 28 Sept, and UK release 2 week's later on 12 Oct. As mentioned in Newsletter #10, these each feature bonus tracks, and (in the UK) will be Sony "mid-price" releases.

Two recent movie soundtrack releases feature Cheap Trick. A remixed version of "Surrender" can be found on the OST of Small Soldiers which has been released here in Europe. Secondly, the OST of the movie First Love, Last Rites (available only on import from the US I think) features Robin Zander providing guest vocals for a band called "Shudder to Think" singing "Automatic Soup".

For the musicians among you, the internet newsgroup produced its own tribute album at the end of 1997, since the original tribute album (Cheap Shots) was shelved last year. Amateur musicians recorded their versions of Cheap Trick songs, and a tape/CD was "released", though on a totally non-financial basis. This was purely a labour of love. Plans are under way for a second edition early next year. If you have recorded a cover of any CT song, or would like to do so for consideration, please contact Jeff Talley at PO Box 392, Swartz Creek, Mi 48473, USA. Closing date for submissions is 1 Dec 1998. Please remember that this is both non official and non financial - purely a sincere tribute of CT's music by its fans.

An idea that has been suggested by a few readers. Although the aim of this newsletter is to inform and not to act as a fanzine, I'll be happy to help put British/European fans in touch with each other. (For example, I know some of the Dutch fans have got totgether to talk all things "Trick" !). If you'd like to contact other fans and have your name and address published here, please let me know, and I'll do so as an special addition to the next issue.

The official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, Suite 149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA. Write to this address for membership details. Additionally TI can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff, 630 S Whitney Way, # 150, Madison, WI 53711, USA. The official Cheap Trick home page on the Internet can be found at, with the official fan service page at . There are also a growing number of entertaining Fan sites, many of which contain photo's and reports from recent shows, discographies etc. Many can be found by using the search engine "Yahoo", searching for "Cheap Trick". There is a flourishing newsgroup at

I hope you've found this issue informative. Whilst my future plans remain uncertain (as to whether I move to San Diego or not), I'd be grateful you could send a further sae or IRC for the next issue. This is planned to be in Nov or Dec, depending on what news is available. I am now also making this newsletter available via e-mail (as "text" only). This would prove both cheaper and faster for all concerned ! If you would prefer to receive it in this way in future, rather than on paper, please write to me or e-mail me. But for those without computers or internet access, worry not ! The paper version will continue.

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